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Kavilion is a fantasy world where mankind is relatively new joining the Elves, Dwarfs, and other mythological races. The series of books highlight the struggles between good and evil a battle originating with the Gods and involving all the races.  The story started out in an AD&D game with my elf mage and his half-elf druid daughter. It has evolved into a series of book ideas based loosely on our games.

  • Lord Candurn
  • Young Ferguson
  • Lord Ferguson
  • The Dryad and the Druid
  • The Thief
  • The Perils or Raising a Dragon
  • The Assassin and the Paladin
  • New World Order

From the Prelude to book 1 Lord Candurn

From chaos came forth the gods, and some did look toward the chaos in awe worshiping that which they came from and wishing to return unto it. Yet others did look around them for beauty which they found not. Some in despair wept for all was chaos, yet Corellon Larethian and some few who chose to follow him, did reach out their hands and from the chaos did create great works of beauty. And their hearts where filled for the beauty which they had created stood above the chaos for all to see. And they called unto their brothers who wept saying, come and see the beauty which we have created, for its beauty is equal to that of our own. And those who wept turned toward the beauty and beheld worlds uncounted, and their hearts where full of love for their brothers.

But there were those who did long for a return of the chaos from which they had been born. Among them was one called Gruumsh and he did argue against his brothers saying that which they had done went against the chaos which was their father, and could not be. Many there were who did follow him and the two groups did contend one with another, and did distance themselves apart, that each might seek their own way. That each might grow stronger unto the day when they must meet in battle.

And the Gods which did follow Corellon Larethian, looked upon the beauties that they had created, and found no life there. And they did turn unto their brother asking what should we do? Then together did they reach out their hands and touch the worlds that were, and did life burst forth among the land, that they may be full. And for a time, all were pleased.

Then did some of the Gods desire children that they may nurture them among the lands that had been created, while did others desire children that they might be worshiped. And again did the Gods ask unto their brother. Corellon Larethian, what should we do? And these gods conspired that they might bring intelligent life to the world, starting first beast, fowl, fishes, and other forms of lower life. That all might be nourished, then when the world was full would they bring forth children like unto their own kind Dryad, Dwarven, Elven, Halfling, Human, Kinder, Orc, and others that each may have the children they did desire.

But word of this treachery did reach further even unto Gruumsh and he brought forth those who followed him that they could crush that which their brothers had created. And the two groups did war one with another, and the battle did take them to the world which was to be called Kavilion there did Gruumsh open a vein in the leg of his brother Corellon Larethian, and did his brother’s blood spill upon the ground. And Gruumsh did shout with joy for in his heart he believed he had won.

But in that moment did Corellon Larethian also know joy for as each drop fell into the now dormant volcano crater, did come forth from these drops of blood an Elf child unto Corellon Larethian. And did Gruumsh shouts of joy turn to cries of anguish, for he did know that he had lost, and he did flee with those who still followed him to the chaos from which they had come, and there do they still wait and conspire for the day when they shall again come forth to do war unto their brothers, and bring chaos unto all that had been created, that all might return unto which it had come.

And the Gods did see the children that Corellon Larethian had brought forth from his blood, and they also brought forth children, some few by their blood, while others from their sweat, and some even from their tears. While some did nurture and cherish their children, others wished to be worshiped for what they had created. And thus were the Gods separated one from another caring for their children as seemed fit unto them.


And the children of Corellon Larethian, called he Elves, and they did dwell together in peace among the mountains where they had been formed. And they did call the mountain, Mount Corellon in honor of their father. And they did worship this land as a holy place that none should defile, it and did promise one to another that it would be a place free from the spilling of blood, for the blood of Corellon Larethian had sanctified this land.

Now within this creator was there a lake, and upon this lake was there a small island. There did the First elves build a temple unto their God, that there might he dwell in spirit that they might be close to him. And as the time for each Elf did come, they did journey unto Mount Corellon and the temple there that they may return unto Corellon Larethian in a place called Arvanaith.

Now the Elves did call Corellon Larethian father and the earth called they mother. And they did worship their mother as did they their father. And they did lovingly care for her, and protect here, for it was from her bosom that they were nourished. In time did some find joy within her arms, differently from their brothers, some finding love in the Mountains from which they had been born, others from the forests, or the sea, some from the dry deserts, while others even from the wastelands to the north and to the south. Each group going their own way to worship their mother as seemed fit. And this did the race of Elves which had always been one; separate, into the tribes known today. And all to care for their mother and love their father, all except the Drow, which did find another to love and did turn their backs on their surface dwelling cousins, to seek solace in the world of the Underdark. And they did worship the Spider Queen Lolth, and their hearts did become bitter against all those who did dwell in the light of the world above.


And some Elves did follow after Sylevran and did call themselves Sylvan Elves, and they did dwell in the forests of the world Kavilion. For many years they did dwell amount the trees getting to know those which they shared the world with. And they did dwell in tents moving from time to time as seemed them proper. Insuring that they land was not defiled by their passing.

In time Parlee the wife of Sylevran, did bear unto him a daughter whom they called Laurl. But the birth of their daughter did weaken Parlee, and Sylevran did see that their journeying did further weaken his wife. Fearing that he might lose her, Sylevran did find a clearing in the forest and there did he build a home that Parlee might rest. And some few of those who followed him did build a village which they called Parlee that they might care for her. And they did call the Village Parlee in her honor. But others continued on in the work of Sylevran, as caretakers of the forests and all who dwelled therein.

Taken from the Holy Book of the Elves

Written by the Grand Hierophant Druid Laurl


The ways of the Elves are a mystery to man. For the Elves though one race consists of many tribes each with their own structure and believes. Living for the most part independent of all other races, the elves claim to be the oldest of all races, yet it is clear from the small number of Elves compared to the other humanoid races that they are a relatively new race still barbaric in their infancy.

The elves, if they can be believed, claim to consist of seven sub-races the Aquatic, Arctic, Desert, Drow, Gray, High, and Sylvan clans. Research at this university has only been able to identify three clans the Desert, High, and Sylvan clans. It is believed that the Gray represents to Elven sociality the ideal or perfect Elven race, while the Drow represent the worst of Elven society. As all know the vast arctic wastelands are uninhabitable and the idea of a humanoid able to breathe both air and water is ludicrous.

The Sylvan Clan: Of the three Elven clans the Sylvan Elf is the least civilized. Forest dwelling nomads they build no permanent homes but travel with the seasons living in temporary camps often sleeping under the stars. These Green or Wood Elves as they are often called travel in small family groups with no apparent civilized structure. They claim no lands and recognize no governments. Yet their power is feared and respected by others who share their love of nature.

The Sylvan have been known to attack and often kill any who dare to enter their realm. For this reason some civilized societies have undertaken a program to remove or exterminate any Sylvan found living within their lands. As the Sylvan are highly skilled woodsmen, this has proven to be both difficult and costly in the number of Human lives lost to their evil ways.

Some few claim that there is one small village that all Sylvan Elves call home; the ancient and sacred village of Parlee. Nestled deep within the Laurl Forest Parlee sits at the base of a small hill with the River Elena forming a boarder on all sides. No Sylvan Elf will speak of this village or even acknowledge its existence to any creature not of their race and it is said that no man who has ever seen its grandeur has been allowed to live. As there is neither a Laurl Forest nor Elena River the University has determined that these claims are nothing more them Folk Lore.

The Encyclopedia of the Races

The University of Humanity



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